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Empowering youth to succeed through mentoring and strategic planning.  

“Sometimes a single spark is all that’s needed to create a burning flame.”

~ Michael Thomas
   Director, Partners Plus;
   Henry Ford CC & U of M Dearborn


Congratulations to the 2014 RARE Scholarship winners:

Christine Wolverton, Corynne Eder, Jenna Decker,
Holly Simon, and Malak Ismail.

The Everyday Hero Writing Scholarship

The RARE “Everyday Hero” Scholarship is for high school seniors planning to attend a Michigan college, university or post secondary school after graduating. The purpose is to engage young people in identifying everyday heroes throughout our state and through the process of discovery and writing, to become inspired about life’s possibilities.

Winning students will receive a $2,500 scholarship toward tuition and honored at our annual Night of Heroes Dinner. The subject of the Everyday Hero essay may receive the RARE Everyday Hero Award and special recognition at the event. A selection committee will select the winners of the Everyday Hero Award.

Essay Theme - “An Everyday Hero in Our Community - A True Difference Maker.”

Students wishing to enter the scholarship competition are required to submit an original, well-documented essay about someone whom they consider to be an Everyday Hero because through their life’s work; they are making a difference for others, now and for the future.

Qualities students should look for in the person they choose to write about include a strong work ethic, commitment to what they believe in, selflessness in putting others first and integrity in the way they lead their daily lives. Special consideration will be given to students who focus on the individuals in their communities who do more than what is required of them and go above and beyond in making a difference in the world around them.

Judging Criteria

Each essay will be put into a category based upon the industry the Everyday Hero works in. Essays will be judged initially in that category to make it to the final round. Please note, the majority of the essays last year were written about people who were teachers or worked directly for a non-profit organization. So, be sure to think outside of the box and consider people in other careers.

Essays will be reviewed and judged by the RARE Foundation Education Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the Everyday Hero (how they have excelled at work and/or in the community)
  • Quality of the essay
  • Specific examples supporting why this person is an Everyday Hero (character values he/she possess, community activities he/she is involved in, etc.)
  • Creativity of the essay

All submissions become the property of Winning Futures and may be published on our website and in our educational materials.

Essay Rules

  • Essays must be based on a Michigan resident, 18 years and older.
  • Entries must be one-page typed, single spaced with one-inch margins, font size 12pt in Arial or New Times Roman font type.
  • Complete the online application here.  Before you hit submit, print 4 copies of the application.  Mail in 4 copies of your essay, each with a copy of the application stapled to it. Do not put the scholarships in binders or covers.
  • Only include your first and last name at the top of the essay - no titles please
  • The essay should include:
    - Full name of the hero
    - Where they currently work or where they have worked in the past
    - Their job
    - How they have excelled at work or what makes them a quality employee
    - Specific examples of how they make a difference in the community
    - Specific examples supporting why this person is an Everyday Hero (character values he/she possess,
       community activities he/she is involved in, etc.).

Deadline for entries is December 1.  It MUST be postmarked by this date.

Winners will be announced in May.

Please send essays and completed entry forms to:

RARE Everyday Hero Scholarship
27500 Cosgrove
Warren, MI 48092

Call 586-698-4387 with questions.

To print these rules for submission, click here.

For the application, click here






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